Anazitisis Architecture is a firm established in 2013 by Ioanna Liasidou.

Ioanna is one of those professionals dedicated in her work, highly motivated and passionate.

She aims at the best possible outcome of any project she undertakes.

Her experience in architecture design varies between residential and commercial, in small as well as in large scale projects.

She began her studies here in Cyprus, in Graphic design.

She later traveled in Rome, where she learned the language and experienced Architecture in one of the most inspiring places in the world.

She then went to Kingston, UK, where she gained her degree in Arts, and after that to the University of Greenwich where she got her degree in Architecture.

She returned to Cyprus where she had the chance to work and learn next to some very well known and respected Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers.

Ioanna will be by her clients' side through the whole project, from consulting, designing, legal procedure, construction and completion.